• First commute hot take on AirPods Pro

    This morning I’m on one of the older, very noisy Max trains. The noise cancelling doesn’t completely remove the sound of the train, but my volume is two or three clicks down from what it would normally be as I listen to podcasts. Since I spend at least an hour a day on the train, subjecting my ears to lower volume levels is totally worth it.

    Transparency mode is surprisingly good. Better than it seems like it should be. With noise cancelling on I can barely hear the announcements on the train. With transparency mode on, they are easy to hear, but the noise of the train is still reduced.

    The next big test is to see how well the mic works. I wear AirPods for conference calls. A lot. I did a quick test last night and transparency mode will be good for this as being able to hear my own voice is important on calls.

  • Whoa. Micro.blog Sign In with Apple was great!

  • I just discovered the Apple TV quick audio output shortcut by accident! Super handy if you use Homepods with your Apple TV.

  • Tags are finally making OmniFocus click for me.

    I used to create lots of projects, but now I let my projects just be tags. I typically assign two to three tags to an item. I set up my perspectives to filter on one specific tag (Home or Work) and then group by tag.

    For the first time in a long time I feel like I’ve got a good “out of head” task organization. I know other apps have tags as well, but OmniFocus’s flexible perspectives is what really lets tags work for me.

  • Got a new XS Max case that I really like, but it won’t work with my wireless charger. Oh well. Funny how quickly requirements change.

  • New iPad Pro thoughts. At first I was a little underwhelmed. Today though, I’m using it for work (UX design) and it is blowing me away. Face ID is magic. It’s like there’s no password. Just swipe up and go.The new pencil feels better. The iPad with keyboard folio lays flat for sketching. The faster processing power means noticeably reduced lag in everything. This really is a remarkable device!

  • Apple wish list item: run a shortcut based on location and connecting to Bluetooth. When I arrive at the train station for my commute, I put in my AirPods. One of the first things I do is pull out my phone and run a shortcut to see when the train will arrive. I’d love to put in my AirPods and just hear when the next train will be.

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